Candles & Herbs

Candle Making

Our candle making has a serial production character. Usually, our candles are made of plant waxes and are hand-dipped. Cast candles are also produced but as a sideline and for variety. We produce candles of various sizes and coloured special effects finishes. 

Herb Workshop

The Herb Workshop is a winter workshop of a small group of people from late autumn until springtime (Easter). We work with the carefully dried herbs of the previous year to make them ready for tea, kitchen herbs, oils and decorative pot-pourries. The warm and quiet area around the table is permeated by the different scents of the herbs. The stripping of leaves and flowers of plant stems develops our hand and finger skills.
The procedure for working with herbs is: 
  • Washing hands, then stripping the stems, milling, mixing for teas or salad herbs, bottling or filling into bags. The senses are mostly encouraged through smelling different aromas, colours of herbs and fine handwork.
  • After the tea break we look at different plant books to gain knowledge of the type, growth and how to use the herbs for herb teas, as well as cooking herbs in our kitchens and salad herbs.
 We use everything - even recycling the stems by milling them to make cow bread for the calves on the Farm.