When you walk through our Community, you might feel curious about the houses you see. When you enter through the Puddleducks entrance, crossing the bridge, you will see Sloe Cottage and Heron Hall to your right. Sloe Cottage is currently a home for the family of coworkers, and Heron Hall is the heart of our cultural life.

If you swing left and follow the road, you will get to Brookfield House, the original house of the estate. It currently holds our offices and a flat for coworkers.

If go up the gravel path you will pass our famous Puddleducks Playgroup on your right, and eventually get to the Woodwork and Ceramic workshops, as well as the Maintainance workshop. The path will take you back on to the road that takes you around the community.

Following the road, after having said good morning to the kind office staff in Brookflield, you will find Columba House on your left, a life-sharing house.

The road will take you up to the Farm Buildings, as well as Sunrise House, another life-sharing house. Instead of walking along the road you should now take a left behind the garage, as it will give you access to the Garden, and its attached life-sharing Rainbow House. Opposite Rainbow is the Bakery together with the Weavery, as well as a space for our seasonal herband  candle workshops.

Continue along the path and you will immediately get to Artaban House, and at the bottom of the hill is the biggest one of all, called Riverstown House - both are life sharing spaces. Right next to Riverstown, you will see Hazelgrove, an award-winning passive house. Taking the gravel path along Riverstown, you will get to our wood chip barn, and taking the same path all the way down you will eventually get to Peter's Cottage, currently home for a coworker family.