Video Links

We have a few videos that show a glimpse of what it is like to live at a Community. Some are a bit older, but they still reflect the spirit of the place. And then there's always our Facebook page, where you can see small clips that reflect the magic moments of life!

BBC report as a reaction to Camphill Clanabogan winning the Queen's Award for Voluntary Service (2020, 2min)

A short and sweet summary of what life is like volunteering at our Community.


Camphill Clanabogan from a volunteer's point of view (2019, 7min)

"We are Thilo, Laura and Aylin. The three of us spent 6-12 months as coworkers in Camphill Clanabogan. We all agree that our time in Clanabogan was a very unique, formative time. Everything that we experienced throughout the last year- all the ups and downs, our personal challenges, all the happy moments gave us the chance to get to know our strenghts and our weaknesses - ourselves really. We experienced that sometimes we are able to do much more than we ever thought we could and sometimes it just doesn't take so much to feel loved and accepted.

"But the main thing we realised is that all the big things seem so small when you suddenly see that you made a person smile and feel the unity that this little smile is able to create. We just wanted to give something back to Camphill – so we made this video. Of course, we haven't had any professional equipment, but maybe it's still enough to convince you that volunteering in Clanabogan would just be the right thing for you.

Thank you for watching our video!"

And thank you, Thilo, Laura and Aylin for your incredible contributions. Good luck in your respective lives, we hope to see you back here soon!


Love Story (2011, 50min)

Desmond Love is a mature man and feels and behaves so. He likes to smoke his pipe and looks after his ducks. As men sometimes talk about cars, Dessy´s favorite subject are his two shopping-trolleys. He parks them in front of his house and likes to enhance them with various details. Desmond is one of the residents at Camphill Clanabogan in Northern Ireland, that means a mentally challenged person. Whithin the therapy, he learns writing on a computer and he decided to write his own life story. This documentary amended with short cartoons let us glimp into Dessys´s memories – word after word, exactly as he remembered them. At the same time, we have got a chance to see Dessys´s home and everyday-life of a Camphill community with its permanent inhabitants: People with learning disabilities, young volunteers and coordinators. Directed and produced by Petra Ludvikova (2011)


Introduction to Camphill Clanabogan (2010, 6min)


Introduction to Camphill Northern Ireland (2010, 7min)

A short clip about the work of Camphill Communities Trust in Northern Ireland.