The Weavery workshop

The weavery provides essentially therapeutic, but meaningful skilled work, for residents and co-workers. Residents learn to create and weave beautiful fabrics using a range of wools and cottons, in an array of colours and designs. The workshop is a space where everybody is given the opportunity to harness their creative side as each person is encouraged to make all of the creative decisions related to their work. 

Creative Crafts - Encouraging Knowledge

We cover all aspects of textiles e.g. weaving, carding the wool, spinning, dyeing, weaving, hand finishing and stitching. We also do felting, embroidery, frame weaving, peg loom weaving, eco printing and painting. Each person also has the opportunity to take part in a QCF (Qualifications and Credit Framework Levels 1-3) in Creative Crafts in a number of different disciplines. Please look at for more information in this qualification.

From Paper to Textile

We usually start with painting to choose our colours. Then we go and match our colours to our yarn, or dye the colour that we want. We then design the warp, dress the loom and choose our weft colours. Everything here in the weavery is handmade. Each person gets to choose what their final woven fabric is made into and is involved in the process - which means that each piece of work is unique and individual to each person; everything we make is truly original. 


We aim to use every scrap of textile and will recycle donated fabrics as lining, or we dye and print on them to give a new surge of life. This gives an added value to our handwoven work. 

“I am an artist.”

We believe that creativity has no limits because imagination has no boundaries. Everyone has their own way of expressing themselves. Each person has a lot to say; it’s just finding ways to say it - which is our aim!

Weavery products for sale

We are currently working on the possibility to sell our products online - please keep checking our facebook page ( and click on “Shop Now”.

You are most welcome to come to our workshop during our work hours (Mo-Fri 9.30-12.30 and 14.30-17.30) to see our weavers at work and choose from the large variety of our products. Prices range from £2 for bookmarks or keyrings, £25 for cushions or aprons  up to £200 for hand spun, hand dyed and hand woven Irish throws.

Quotes from residents that work in the Weavery

“I’ve been in the Weavery Workshop for quite some time and I still enjoy it even though I’m only here in the morning now and I also enjoy knitting.” 

“The weavery is fun! I like working here because it’s fun. I like to try everything: crochet, weaving and knitting. I have been here for 10 years. I use different colours and I like to dye them.” 

“I like to make things for other people. I like to work on my loom and do a wee bit of sewing and do the laundry for the bakery. We do painting and help to choose colours. My work is sold to people.” 

“I like it when we sew blankets for charity, like the time we gave blankets to homeless people so they can keep warm. We also give our work to shops to sell.”

“We have meetings every month. We talk about work, what we want to do, what we like and stuff.” 

 “I like that we have tea break together with the Bakery. I like to see all my friends.”